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About me

    Dom Di Palermo is an experienced freelance photographer and photojournalist. He has experience in various fields of photography including` journalism, sports, events, and portraits.  He started his career as a photojournalist for his high school's newspaper and yearbook clubs. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of the Elgin Observer, where he managed a team of writers and photographers. Dom continues to work as a photojournalist with the Elgin Observer and as a contributor to Shaw Local News Network. 

 Born in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Dom initially expressed his artistic passion through dance. As a dancer, Dom developed an extreme attention to detail, focus on precision, and dedication to artistry.  Once his dance career ended, Dominic discovered his passion for photography through a high school Photography 1 class.  He seamlessly transferred that same precision and attention to detail to the art of photography.


     Dominic has  studied methods to develop and create images from film and continues to actively seek opportunities to learn and improve his craft.  He plans to further study photojournalism in college, and hopes to travel the world capturing the human experience via photos.



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